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Showing all 12 results

For some growers, buying marijuana seeds for their crop can be a big expense, especially if they are looking for a specific strain. That’s why at Bulk Genetics we have put at your disposal a great selection of bulk seeds for as little as 1 euro.

We offer you a wide variety of feminised seeds that have been selected from the best genetics in the world that we can find today. Among them, the most productive and potent Indica and Sativa genetics, with incredible aromas and flavours.


Are bulk seeds at 1 euro of quality?

Absolutely. They are high quality marijuana seeds like the ones you can buy in any seed bank. The main difference is the brand value and packaging, and therefore the price. When we buy a marijuana seed from an official seed bank we are not only paying for the brand name, we are also paying for the packaging which increases the final price.

To get an idea, bulk cannabis seeds at 1 euro are like the white brands, high quality products that have nothing to envy to the big banks and that are sold at very cheap prices.

Where do the 1 euro seeds come from?

1 euro feminised bulk seeds are produced by independent breeders. A breeder is someone who is in charge of producing marijuana seeds under a controlled environment and selecting the best genetics. At Bulk Genetics we only work with professional breeders, so we guarantee the highest quality in all our seeds.

All the seeds we offer have been subjected to rigorous feminisation processes, so all our seeds are feminised and we guarantee that they will be female and produce top quality buds.

We can also guarantee a germination rate of more than 97% in all the seeds we have in our catalogue. In short, if you are looking for marijuana seeds in bulk of the highest quality and want to save as much as possible, our bulk seeds at 1 euro are definitely what you need.