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Showing all 6 results

Frequently asked questions

Are feminised bulk seeds reliable?

They are completely reliable. The only difference with bank seeds is the branding and advertising behind them. They are made using the same feminisation techniques and many of the same parentals. Moreover, some of the breeders who work for Bulk Genetic have also worked for prestigious seed banks in the past.

Why don’t the bulk feminized seeds cost exactly 1 euro?

We are selling the seeds for exactly 0,84€ plus taxes. So with tax, the seeds cost around 1 euro including tax. The final price will depend on the country where the seeds are sent. For example, for Malta which has only 18% VAT, the final price for the seeds will be 0,99€. On the other hand, for Portugal which has a 23% VAT, the final price will be 1,03€. As you can see, the final price will always be very close to the euro.