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The best outdoor cannabis seeds

Do you want to find out which are the best outdoor marijuana seeds and where you can get them? Keep reading to find out.

Outdoor marijuana

Every outdoor grower is anxious for spring to arrive and start germinating his seeds. Indoors it can be grown all year round, but outdoors the season lasts a few months which should be used to the fullest.

Also, the grower has total control over indoor climate, which he can keep stable and in optimal ranges. There are no cloudy or windy days. Neither rain nor hail But outdoors things change a lot, and we will be subject to the whims of the weather.

There are many great advantages of growing cannabis outdoors. The most important is that the sun is still free today. And besides it is possible to obtain plants with an incredible size and yields that indoors it would take several harvests to equal them.

But we will also be constantly exposed to the climate, which may vary considerably from one place to another, and not only in terms of temperature. The humidity and when the first rains arrive are determining factors that will affect the development of the crop and the choice of the best marijuana seeds for outdoor growing.

How to buy outdoor cannabis seeds

Basically, there are no specific types of marijuana plants for outdoors or indoors. Some may be more complicated than others, like a pure Sativa indoors. But with a little skill from the grower, there will be no problem.

However, there are a series of factors that make one strain more appropriate than another. Or even that some are not viable, for example a Sativa that is harvested in November in the north of Spain, where from October it can rain almost daily.

So, as much as it may bother us, opting for the most productive outdoor marijuana variety may not be the best for all growers. Foremost, we should choose a plant that performs well in our climate.

outdoor marijuana seeds

For that purpose, the most important thing to consider is the approximate date of the first rains in autumn. And also, the relative humidity levels in the growing area.

The seed market offers hundreds of possibilities, so it will be impossible not to find the ones that really offer us what we are looking for. Here are some examples:

Best marijuana seeds for outdoor growing in areas with short summers

Usually, outdoor marijuana flowering period of all Indica cannabis strains is very short and are harvested before the end of September. Hindu Kush, Black Domina or Northern Lights are some of them.

There is also the possibility to choose one of those called fast version. The fastest ones will be harvested at the beginning of September. AK 47 Fast Version or Amnesia Fast Version, for example, are two Sativa hybrids that are harvested 2–3 weeks earlier than their normal flowering varieties.

And, of course, any autoflowering variety can be harvested at any date you wish. We only have to take into consideration the days of its life cycle. If it is an auto of 10 weeks, and we want to harvest on September 1st, it should be germinated around the middle of June.

Best outdoor marijuana seeds for long summers

This would be the condition that anyone would wish for, since it would be possible to grow practically any variety. From a long flowering Sativa like Amnesia, Amnesia Haze or Cannalope Haze, to the fastest Indica.

If you prefer autoflowering strains, you can even get up to 3 consecutive harvests. Because someone who only has a small terrace can easily fill his annual pantry with 3 crops of 2-3 plants each and with an average of 100-150 grams per plant.

Best marijuana seeds for outdoor growing in high humidity areas

The problem with many varieties, is that it is not tolerant to excessive humidity. And in these cases, fungi are always a big threat.

For example, in varieties such as Critical, which produce huge and dense buds, these are often attacked by the fungus botrytis. Although sometimes this is solved by doing some trimming during growth. The buds will be smaller, but more numerous.

best outdoor cannabis seeds

In general, Sativa strains and Sativa hybrids are more tolerant of humidity. Their buds are fluffier and better ventilated. In addition, their genes come from areas where they have evolved in conditions of very high humidity such as Thailand, Mexico or Colombia.

Amnesia Lemon Haze, Durban Poison or Kali Mist, are strains that withstand these conditions very well. But, on the other hand, these strains are not the best choice in climates with short summers.

Should I plant feminized or regular seeds outdoors?

Well, it depends. When regular seeds are used, we always have to consider that some plant will be male, and we will have to trim it. And when you have the space for only one plant, there is a big risk. In this case, feminized seeds would be the right thing to do.

But on the other hand, many growers still prefer the magic of regular seeds and are even happy to get a good male with which to make their own crosses.

So, everyone must evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of feminized and regular seeds to be able to decide for one or the other.

Where to buy the best outdoor marijuana seeds

There is a misconception about bulk seeds. In our case, these seeds have been produced by meticulous breeders who sometimes have worked or work for important seed banks.

What others spend on advertising, we spend on finding the best breeders who offer us a quality product that meets the customer’s demands.

So as for the moment you cannot buy outdoor marijuana seeds on Amazon, your best option is Bulk Genetics, where we will also advise you if you need it.

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