AK 47 Auto


AK 47 Auto is the fastest version of the famous AK47 from Serious Seeds. From germination it takes only 75 days to offer the most spectacular harvests. It is an easy to grow and discreet variety that will not exceed one and a half meters in height. It produces a thick, large apical surrounded by numerous satellite branches. The buds are large, very compact and very resinous, with an aroma like orange liqueur that will make you vibrate. The effects are like a trip to space, exhilaration and adrenaline at first, and then everything becomes calmer, as if your body was floating without gravity.

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AK 47 Auto is one of the most cultivated autoflowering strains. This is the fastest version of the legendary AK 47 from the Dutch seedbank Serious Seeds, a strain that since its introduction in the mid-90s has accumulated a large number of awards, including the best Indoor variety.

It is a Sativa-dominant plant that combines landraces from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Afghanistan. Currently, banks such as Nirvana and Original Sensible, or grows such as Eurogrow, have their own versions. The only difference you will find is that our Auto AK 47 Bulk Feminized Seeds are much cheaper.

How to grow an autoflowering AK 47

It is a simple marijuana plant that adapts to any environment. AK autoflower is hardy and vigorous, with a medium-sized Christmas tree structure. When conditions are optimal, it can reach a height of 1.5 meters. It is not the most discreet, but the performance is well above average.

It has a very short growing period and will start flowering in only 3-4 weeks. And the final size of the plant will condition its production. We advise you to opt for a large pot from the beginning and avoid transplanting. They are a stress and the plants may slow down their development for a few days.

From germination, it will take 75 days to harvest the most spectacular buds you can imagine. It is possible to produce up to 3 consecutive harvests if germinated in early spring.

Characteristics of AK 47 Auto

The buds are fat, very hard and super-dutiful, with very little leaf. Manicuring jobs are done really fast with this type of strains.

It has an aroma and flavor faithful to the original AK47, with citrus notes of orange in this case, ripe fruit, pine, noble woods and a very pleasant chemical background.

The effects are powerful, your body and mind will be agitated with a great discharge of energy and creativity, to finish with a warm, calm and extremely happy embrace.

The production is high and outdoors the plants that reach the highest height will produce up to 150 grams. Indoors and with 300-350W LED lighting, 450-500 grams per m² can be easily reached.

What we like the most

  • Easy to grow.
  • XXL production.
  • It is harvested in only 75 days.
  • Very potent effects.
  • Price.

What we like least

  • It is very fragrant in bloom.

Frequently Asked Questions about AK 47

If you are looking for more information about this variety, below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to its cultivation:

When does AK 47 Auto start flowering outdoors?

The growth period is very fast. About 3-4 weeks after germination, the plants start flowering.

How long does it take to harvest an AK 47 Auto from germination?

From the moment of germination, it takes only 75 days to harvest.

How to grow a feminized AK 47 Auto?

It is a very easy plant, ideal for beginners. Use a large pot and avoid transplants to have very large and productive plants.

What are the effects of AK 47 Auto in bulk?

The effects are cheerful, energetic and creative at first. Then they become relaxing.

Additional information




Indica / Sativa


AK 47 x Ruderalis



Full life cycle

Medium: 75 to 90 days

Recommended crop

Interior and exterior



Indoor production

400-500 g/m2

Outdoor production

100-150 g/plant

Outdoor height

1-1,5 m

Aromas and flavours

Chemist, Orange


Creativity, Energy, Happiness, Relaxation


15% – 20%


Low: < 1%.


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