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Cómo guardar semillas de marihuana

How to store cannabis seeds ?

How to store cannabis seeds, you will find here everything you need to know to ensure a successful germination of your cannabis seeds.

best american strains

The Best American Strains

Discover the best American varieties, where they come from and a selection to try in your next crop with Bulk Genetics.

best american strains

Top 5 THC-free marijuana strains

Discover our selection of the top 5 THC-free bulk strains from the Bulk Genetics catalogue. Quality seeds at the best price!

best american strains

Top 5 of the Best Red Cannabis Strains

There is nothing more pleasant than looking at red marijuana plants. Discover with us why some genetics produce purple, blue or pink flowers and how to favour the production of red marijuana buds. We also leave you our selection of the 5 best red marijuana plants in the Bulk Genetics catalogue.

most powerful cannabis strains

Top 10 most powerful cannabis strains

Today we present a list of our top 10 most powerful cannabis strains. We will explain how to make your crop even more powerful and how to check the quality of your harvest. Be sure of the quality of what you consume with this article!

Cómo germinar semillas de marihuana

How to germinate cannabis seeds successfully

Seed germination is essential to ensure successful cultivation. It is a simple step, but one that can go wrong if some rules are not respected. Discover in our article how to germinate cannabis seeds and everything you need to know to germinate your cannabis seeds successfully.

Marihuana morada

Purple Cannabis: Top 10 strains!

If you are a lover of purple strains, you can’t miss this selection of the 10 Best Purple Cannabis Strains!

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