Amnesia CBD


Amnesia CBD is the most medicinal version of the famous and awarded Amnesia from Hy-Pro. It is a variety with a high CBD content, so it produces a moderate cerebral effect, but intense, relaxing and therapeutic at a physical level. It is a fast growing plant that reaches a great height of 2.5-3 meters. The production is proportional to its size, monstrous, with heavy and resinous buds with an impressive taste of tropical fruits, wood and incense.

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Amnesia CBD bulk marijuana seeds are the most medicinal version of Hy-Pro’s legendary Amnesia. It is a very complete variety with Sativa dominance and one of the most cultivated.

Amnesia is a clone variety coming from possibly a selection of Super Silver Haze of Greenhouse. Initially marketed by Hy-Pro, today many seed banks offer feminized, autoflowering and CBD versions (such as Dinafem or Eurogrow among others).

Our Amnesia CBD feminized bulk seeds come from one of the best Amnesia selections and a secret strain with high cannabidiol content. It has a THC:CBD ratio of 1:1 and 1:2.

How to grow Amnesia CBD

Amnesia CBD feminized bulk seeds are easier to grow indoors. Its growth is somewhat more contained, but, even so, it is usually necessary to control its height with pruning or guiding.

The flowering period from the change of photoperiod to 12/12 is about 65-75 days depending on the phenotype.

Outdoors it is a plant that prefers a sunny and dry climate, as it will be harvested in mid-October, like many Early varieties.

In areas with short summers and rainy early autumn, it is not the best option. When conditions are favorable, it will grow to almost 2.5-3 meters in height. In these larger specimens, yields will exceed 1000 grams.

Taste and effects of Amnesia CBD

The taste is the classic one you would expect, with notes of sweet tropical fruits, wood and the classic incensey undertone so typical of all Haze hybrids.

Due to the high CBD content and relatively low THC content, the psychoactive effects are mild. It produces a powerful physical relaxation with very little cerebral influence. As medical marijuana it is indicated for pain.

Pros of Amnesia CBD

  • Easy to grow and resistant.
  • Great production.
  • Delicious flavor buds.
  • Therapeutic effects.

Cons of Amnesia CBD

  • Not suitable for those looking for strains with high THC content.
  • Great indoor growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Growers who are interested in this medicinal strain often ask themselves some questions that we will try to answer below:

  • When does Amnesia CBD start flowering outdoors?

    Generally, flowering outdoors and in Spain begins after July 15. From that date until early August, the plants will begin to bloom.

  • When to cut an outdoor Amnesia CBD?

    Outdoors, the flowering period is medium and it is harvested approximately in mid-October. Indoors it is harvested in 65-75 days from the change of photoperiod.

  • How to grow a feminized Amnesia CBD?

    This quality bulk seed strain will be no problem for any grower. It is a plant that likes sunny climates and dry autumns. Indoors it is advisable to do some pruning or guiding to control its height.

  • What are the characteristics of Amnesia CBD in bulk?

    Our cheap bulk seeds produce plants of great vigor. This Amnesia with high CBD content is a Sativa hybrid of great production and a delicious flavor that will not leave anyone indifferent.


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