Blueberry Cheesecake


Blueberry Cheesecake combines the best of two icons: the sweet flavor of Blueberry and the potency of Cheese. This Indica-dominant hybrid promises a unique experience, with an unmistakable taste and balanced effects. Perfect for growers of all levels, it offers a generous harvest and hassle-free cultivation. Discover the perfect balance between flavor and potency!

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Blueberry Cheesecake Strain Info

Blueberry Cheesecake, also known as Blue Cheesecake, is a strain that fuses the best of two worlds: the potency of Cheese with the sweetness of Blueberry. This genetic cross has resulted in a feminized, Indica-dominant seed that promises to take your senses on a journey of flavors, aromas and balanced effects.

Originating from a meticulous selection process, Blueberry Cheesecake is the offspring of a vigorous Blueberry phenotype and a potent Cheese, offering you an unparalleled cannabis experience.

Our Blueberry Cheesecake is of the highest quality. Through careful selection and breeding practices, we ensure that each seed has the potential to develop into an extraordinary plant, capable of delivering the best in terms of aroma, taste and effect. We invite professional and amateur growers to discover the unique potential of this variety, a jewel in the world of cannabis that promises to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Effects and Flavor of Blue Cheesecake

The Blueberry Cheesecake experience is as rich and complex as its flavor. On first contact, you are enveloped by an intensely fruity and creamy aroma, with notes of cheese that arouse curiosity. The flavor remains true to its name, exquisitely blending sweet berries with hints of cheese.

The effects are equally impressive: a balanced euphoria that energizes the spirit while relaxing the body, ideal for relieving pain and stress, and stimulating the appetite. The THC content is medium, 20%, which allows to enjoy its benefits without overwhelming, maintaining a perfect balance between relaxation and mental clarity.

Flowering Time and Production

With a flowering period of only 7 to 9 weeks, Blueberry Cheesecake will not make you wait long to enjoy its fruits. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, this variety stands out for its adaptability to different climates, promising a generous production.

Indoors, expect yields of up to 600g/m┬▓, while outdoors, each plant can give you 550-500g per plant. Its resistance and ease of cultivation make it perfect for growers of all levels, from the most novice to the most experienced.

How to grow Blueberry Cheesecake

From Bulk Genetics, we want to share with you some tips to make your experience growing Blueberry Cheesecake a success. This variety is known for its ease of cultivation, which makes it ideal for both novices and experts in the field.

Blueberry Cheesecake’s robustness against pests and diseases, along with its versatility to thrive in almost any climate, makes it a reliable choice for growers. Whether you are inclined to grow indoors or prefer to venture outdoors, this strain adapts to your needs, showing impressive resilience and ease of management. Consumers and growers alike praise its reliability and consistent results, ensuring that Blueberry Cheesecake is a valuable addition to any cannabis seed collection.

Blueberry Cheesecake is wonderfully suited to both indoor and outdoor environments. If you decide to grow it indoors, we recommend that you maintain proper humidity and temperature control. A temperature range of 20-26┬░C during the day and slightly cooler at night encourages optimal development. In addition, consider using pots that allow good drainage to avoid waterlogging of the substrate.

Outdoors, Blueberry Cheesecake thrives with abundant sunlight. Be sure to plant it in a place where it can receive at least 6 hours of direct light per day. It is resistant to climatic variations, but always appreciates a little protection during the coldest nights. As harvest approaches, towards the end of September or October, get ready to harvest its abundant fruits, full of flavor and potency.

For both scenarios, we advise you to prune the lower leaves to improve air circulation and light exposure in the lower areas of the plant. This not only prevents the appearance of mold, but also stimulates a higher yield of buds in the upper parts of the plant.

What we like the most

  • Its unique flavor and aroma, which really evoke a blueberry and cheese dessert.
  • The ease of cultivation, making it an excellent choice for growers of all levels.
  • The balanced effects it offers, perfect to enjoy at any time of the day.
  • The generous production both indoors and outdoors.

What we like least

  • The need for odor control during flowering, due to its intensely penetrating aroma.
  • The wait (albeit short) until harvest, as we are always eager to enjoy its fruits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions by growers interested in this strain:

Is Blueberry Cheesecake sativa or indica?

Blueberry Cheesecake is predominantly an Indica strain. Indica plants tend to be more compact and searching, offering relaxing and calming effects, ideal for the end of the day. On the other hand, Sativas tend to have a more energizing and cerebral effect. Although Blueberry Cheesecake has an Indica dominance, its crossing with Sativa brings a unique balance, resulting in an energizing effect thanks to its Sativa side, but keeping the relaxing power of its Indica genetics.

What is the THC level of Blueberry Cheesecake?

Blueberry Cheesecake has a medium THC level of about 20%. This means that it produces a balanced, intense but manageable effect, ideal for both novice and experienced users. The experience is not overwhelming, but offers a perfect balance between relaxation and mental clarity.

How long does it take to flower Blueberry Cheesecake?

The flowering of Blueberry Cheesecake is completed in a period of 7 to 9 weeks. This speed makes it an attractive option for growers who want to see results in a relatively short time, without compromising crop quality or quantity.

Is it difficult to grow Blueberry Cheesecake?

No, quite the contrary. Blueberry Cheesecake is renowned for its ease of cultivation. This variety adapts well to both indoors and outdoors, showing great resistance to different climatic conditions and pests. Its versatility and robustness make it ideal for growers of all levels, from beginners to experts.

Is Blueberry Cheesecake good for beginners?

Definitely, yes. Thanks to its simplicity of cultivation and its resistance, Blueberry Cheesecake is an excellent choice for those who are starting out in the world of cannabis cultivation. It offers a great balance between ease of handling, generous production and pleasant effects, making it a very rewarding strain for beginners.

Additional information




Mostly Indica


Blueberry x Cheese



Recommended crop

Interior and exterior

Flowering time




Indoor flowering

55-60 days

Indoor production

600 g/m2

Outdoor harvest


Outdoor production

500-700 g/plant

Outdoor height

2-2,5 m

Aromas and flavours

Blueberry, Cheese, Sweet


Courage, Creativity, Happiness, Hunger, Relaxation, Stimulant


20% – 25%


Low: < 1%.


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