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Showing 1–24 of 131 results

In our online shop you will find a large selection of feminized bulk marijuana seeds. These seeds made from the best genetics are of high quality and are fully tested and stabilized.

All of them have been produced from crosses of original genetics, keeping all the characteristics intact in terms of structure, vigour and homogeneity. They also offer the same aroma, taste and effect as their parents.

Advantages of bulk feminized cannabis seeds

The main advantage of using bulk feminized seeds is that we will ensure that our cannabis plants will always be female. So we can be sure that our plants will always form marijuana buds.

Another advantage of using feminised cannabis seeds is that we will avoid getting male plants during our cultivation. A male plant could pollinate the female plants we have, filling the buds with seeds.

This would spoil the taste when smoking, and would make us spend time and effort on a lower yield of flowers of very low quality.

This is why feminized bulk seeds are the best option for people who are just starting out in marijuana growing.

Price is another important advantage of using feminized bulk seeds. We can get the best cannabis strains on the market at a very cheap price ensuring great quality.

Buy feminized seeds in bulk

Here you can buy feminized seeds in bulk of marijuana strains as well known as Amnesia Haze, Afghan, White Widow or Critical at a very cheap price.

At Bulk Genetics we want to offer you the possibility to buy marijuana seeds at the best possible price. That’s why if you buy in bulk the seeds will be even cheaper. In addition, you can also find bulk seeds for 1 euro.

Cheap feminised bulk seeds for sale

Our feminized cannabis seeds are kept in optimal conditions; at the right temperature, without humidity and always ensuring that they are not too many months old.

These feminized bulk seeds have been tested numerous times before being marketed. That is why we are totally convinced of their high quality and the good results they offer.

Our germination rate for all our feminized bulk seeds is 97%. We recommend that to germinate the seeds you use wet napkins in a Tupper and place it in a place where the temperature is around 25º constant for 24 hours. This will speed up the germination process and increase the success rate.