Ghost OG


Ghost OG, an indica dominant hybrid cross between an OG Kush and a mysterious Hindu Kush lineage. It stands out in the cannabis world for its potent genetics and relaxing effects. This variety, famous for its ability to induce a feeling of happiness and deep relaxation, is ideal for those seeking stress relief and a sleep aid. Its flavor profile is equally impressive, combining citrus and earthy notes with a smooth, creamy smoke that delights the palate.

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Ghost OG aka Ghost OG Kush is a name that resonates with connoisseurs and novices alike. It is well known for its potent effects and citrus aroma.

If you’re curious about what makes this strain a favorite of many, here we’ll tell you why! We’re going to break down everything from its mysterious origins to tips on growing it, and trust me, you won’t want to miss a thing.

Origins and Genetics of Ghost OG Seeds

Now, let’s dig a little deeper and talk about where Ghost OG comes from. It is something of a mystery, but most think it is a cutting from the original OG Kush plant. That means it is like the offspring of that famous strain, getting its strong roots from there.

But it is not just an OG Kush cutting, but a cross between an OG Kush with an unknown variety that has Hindu Kush DNA in its genes.

This variety is not just any plant; it has something special in its DNA! We are talking about an indica dominant hybrid, with a THC level that can leave you speechless if you are not careful.

And believe me, people love Ghost OG Strain for its incredible effects, taste and reliable growth patterns. Just put these cannabis seeds in the ground, and without worrying too much you will see that they start to work their magic to give you first class buds.

Ghost OG Effects and Features

This strain has a reputation for being quite strong. It is known as the Phantom OG Strain because it really has potency. Ghost OG weed makes people feel relaxed and happy, like they are floating on a cloud or something.

Some say it also helps them sleep better, which is great if someone has been counting sheep all night.

Now let’s talk about how this plant works its magic. It plays with the mind in good ways, making worries seem far away. But hey, take it easy! Too much and you could find yourself glued to the couch.

Although it relaxes you, don’t be surprised if you end up laughing at almost everything, that’s one of those fun effects of Ghost OG that people keep coming back for.

Ghost OG Flavor Profile

Ghost OG has a flavor that will blow you away, in the best way, of course! Imagine undoing those sticky buds; the air is filled with a fresh, citrus aroma. It’s like peeling an orange right under your nose.

When you taste it, you will feel flavors dancing on your tongue: pine and sweet lemon mingle with earthy touches that might make you think of walking through a lush forest.

Now, people often freak out about how smooth this weed is to smoke. No harshness here, just cool, creamy smoke that goes down easy and leaves an aftertaste as pleasant as if you were sipping a sweet herbal tea.

So if you’re into flavor with your high, get your Ghost OG and let your taste buds have some fun!

How to grow Ghost OG

So, are you ready to try growing Ghost OG? Great! This plant loves a place with room to stretch out. Prepare the soil well; it should drain well but still retain enough water so that your plants do not dehydrate. In addition, the substrate must be spongy and aerated so that the roots can expand well.

To guarantee a maximum yield, it is essential to use good nutrients, especially sufficient nitrogen to allow the plant to grow during the vegetative phase.

Let’s talk about the topping, the good stuff. Cut off the top of the main stem when your plant is young. This helps more branches to grow and that means more buds for harvest time.

Speaking of harvesting, patience is key. Wait until those buds are well ripened before picking them, it will be worth it, I promise.

Remember to check for pests often, they can appear suddenly (little bugs!). But with some love and care, expect a bountiful harvest of this beauty.

What we like the most

  • Easy to grow.
  • High Production.
  • Delicious flavor.
  • Ideal for sleeping.
  • Price.

What we like least

  • It is not the most recommended variety for those seeking psychoactive effects.
  • Narcotic effect if smoked too much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions by growers interested in this strain:

When does Ghost OG start flowering outdoors?

Outdoor flowering of Ghost OG usually begins in late summer or early autumn, depending on the specific climate. In the northern hemisphere, this is usually around the end of August to September, when the days begin to shorten, signaling to the plant that it is time to begin its flowering stage.

When to cut an outdoor Ghost OG?

Cutting an outdoor Ghost OG should be done when the buds are mature, which is usually about 8-9 weeks after the start of flowering. It is important to observe the trichomes on the buds; when most of them are milky or amber, it is the optimal time to harvest, usually in late October or early November in the northern hemisphere.

How to grow a feminized Ghost OG?

To grow a feminized Ghost OG, first make sure to provide a stable and controlled environment. Use a well-drained and aerated soil, and maintain a proper balance of moisture and nutrients, with emphasis on nitrogen during the vegetative phase and phosphorus and potassium during flowering. Watch for pests and diseases and adjust conditions as needed to keep the plant healthy until harvest.

Additional information




Mostly Indica


AAAA x BBBB cross



Recommended crop

Interior and exterior

Flowering time




Indoor flowering

XX-YY days

Indoor production

XXX-XXX g/m2

Outdoor harvest


Outdoor production

600-800 g/plant

Outdoor height

3 m

Aromas and flavours

Citrus, Lavender


Concentration, Creativity


15% – 20%


Low: < 1%.


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