Jamaican Dream


Jamaican Dream is one of the fastest pure Sativa strains in the world. It is a Jamaican strain with a flowering time of only 45-50 days. It is easy to grow and ideal for areas with shorter summers. The large, elongated, large caliber and very very sticky buds give off a sweet and tropical aroma that will transport you to paradise. Get ready for an energetic and electrifying high that will keep you high for hours on end.

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Jamaican Dream is one of the most spectacular Sativa cannabis strains, renowned worldwide for its fast flowering. It is possibly the earliest Sativa of all that exist, even earlier than Durban Poison, which is harvested in 8-9 weeks.

This strain was developed by Eva Seeds, starting from a selection of Jamaican landrace seeds. In this case, the quickest and most productive specimens were chosen to ensure that these bulk seeds retain all the good characteristics of the original strain but at a better price.

How to grow Jamaican Dream

It is a simple plant that any grower will excel at without much knowledge. Although it looks like a compact Indica, we repeat that it is a pure Sativa.

Indoors, it doesn’t complicate life, although its genes make it stretch more than other strains. Even so, even without pruning, it is easy to handle.

Flowering is very, very fast. All growers are amazed to see how their buds fatten day by day, to be harvested in just 45-50 days from the change of photoperiod.

Outdoors, it is very elegant, with a typical Christmas tree structure. Its height can reach 2.5 meters when the cultivation starts in early spring, quite discreet.

It is harvested at the end of September, so it can be grown in any climate, even those with very short summers.

Characteristics of Jamaican Dream

The buds are large, elongated, numerous, and full of resin. It is one of the Sativa marijuana strains that perform best in extractions for its great return.

The flavor and aromas are subtle, with very sweet, tropical, and fruity touches, more appreciable and intense when a slow and good curing is carried out.

The effects are very psychoactive, energetic, euphoric, exciting, and very happy. It is the typical strain to consume during the day, but it is not suitable for the night if you do not want to spend it awake.

Yields are very high, and outdoors, up to 900 grams will be reached in the larger plants. Indoors, with a 300-350 W LED lighting, the production will be up to 550 grams per m².

What we like the most

  • Very easy to grow.
  • Very high production.
  • It is possibly the fastest Sativa.
  • Very psychoactive effects.
  • Its price.

What we like least

  • It is not the most recommended strain to smoke at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions from growers interested in these bulk cannabis seeds:

When does outdoor Jamaican Dream start to bloom?

Flowering begins during the first half of August, depending on latitude.

When to cut an outdoor Jamaican Dream?

It is a very fast-flowering variety that is harvested at the end of September.

How to grow a feminized Jamaican Dream?

It is a very easy plant to grow, even indoors. Being so early, it adapts to climates with shorter summers.

What are the effects of bulk Jamaican Dream?

The effects are very psychoactive, energetic, cheerful, and exciting.

Additional information









Recommended crop

Interior and exterior

Flowering time


Indoor flowering

45-50 days

Outdoor harvest

End of September



Indoor production

450-550 g/m2

Outdoor production

700-900 g/plant

Outdoor height

2-2,5 m

Aromas and flavours

Fruits, Sweet, Tropical


Energy, Euphoria, Excitement, Happiness


15% – 20%


Low: < 1%.


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