Mazar Auto


Mazar Auto is the ultra-fast version of Dutch Passion’s best-selling hit. It is a plant with great Indica dominance, easy to grow, undemanding and very grateful. Its height, which rarely exceeds one meter, makes it very suitable for small terraces or balconies. It produces long colas full of rock-hard buds covered with a thick layer of sticky trichomes. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy. An earthy Kush flavor and aroma with hints of incense will awaken your senses to soon notice how a cloud envelops you with a warm and welcoming embrace.

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Mazar Auto is an autoflowering strain with a strong Indica dominance that is elegant, refined, and very special. It is the fastest version of one of Dutch Passion’s best-selling marijuana strains, a super bestseller since its introduction more than 20 years ago.

Mazar is a cross between Skunk #1 and an Afghan strain from Mazar-e Sharif, a city nestled in the heart of the Hindu Kush. On websites like Leafly, it boasts excellent reviews and consistently positive opinions. And it has served as the foundation for the development of fantastic hybrids like the delicious Blue Mazar.

How to grow Mazar Auto

It’s a strain that beginner growers love for its great simplicity. No great care will be necessary to achieve impressive results that will be the envy of other growers.

Like any autoflowering strain, it appreciates a large pot from day one where it can develop its roots without limitation. And it also avoids the typical growth stall that occurs after transplanting.

It stays below a height of 110 cm, so it is very discreet when grown on terraces or balconies. Moreover, it is harvested in just 65-70 days, so up to 3 consecutive outdoor crops can be grown per season.

Characteristics of Mazar Auto

The buds are large, elongated, and thick like soda bottles. They produce an exaggerated amount of resin, which contrasts in temperate climates with the beautiful brown/reddish hues acquired by the flowers and leaves.

The flavor and aroma are dense, with clear hints of hashish, earth, and pine, against a backdrop of citrus and incense that will delight our palate.

The effects are powerful and ideal for late in the day. After a few puffs, the body is immersed in deep relaxation and a smile is drawn on the face.

The yields are very high considering its size. Outdoor plants that reach a larger size will produce up to 250 grams. Indoors, with a 300-350 W LED light, the yield will easily reach up to 550 grams per m².

What we like the most

  • Very easy to grow.
  • XXL production.
  • Harvested in just 65-70 days.
  • Very happy and relaxing effects.
  • Its price.

What we like least

  • It’s very smelly during flowering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions we get from growers who are interested in these bulk cheap seeds:

When does Mazar Auto start to flower?

The flowering starts after 3-4 weeks from when the seeds are germinated.

How long does it take to harvest a Mazar Auto from germination?

It is a fast autoflowering marijuana strain that is harvested in 65-70 days from germination.

How to grow a feminized Mazar Auto?

It’s an easy plant to grow and resistant. If you use a large pot from day one, you’ll get plants about 110 cm high with yields of up to 250 grams.

What are the effects of bulk Mazar Auto?

The effects are very relaxing and happy. You’ll go to bed with a smile drawn on your face.

Additional information




Mostly Indica


Mazar x Ruderalis



Recommended crop

Interior and exterior

Full life cycle

Short: less than 75 days


Very High

Indoor production

450-550 g/m2

Outdoor production

150-250 g/plant

Outdoor height

0,8-1,1 m

Aromas and flavours

Citrus, Earth, Hashish, Incense, Pine, Spicy


Dream, Happiness, Relaxation


15% – 20%


Low: < 1%.


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