Strawberry Pie Auto


Strawberry Pie Autoflower is an exquisite variety of cannabis, fruit of the cross between Strawberry and Cherry Pie Auto, with indica predominance, famous for its high THC content (24%-26%) and its incredible taste of sweet strawberry pie. This variety is known for its powerful relaxing effect, together with a euphoric sensation that provides the consumer with an unforgettable experience.

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The Strawberry Pie Auto strain, one of the most sought-after in the autoflowering marijuana seed market, comes from the selective breeding of Strawberry and Cherry Pie Auto, resulting in a hybrid cannabis plant with Indica dominance. This variety is famous for its resilience during growth and for its eye-catching dense and shiny buds due to the large number of trichomes, which sometimes seem taken from the moon.

The strain has earned a place in the cannabis community due to its potent body effect, mainly Indica, and its remarkable resin production, making it the ideal option for the creation of high-quality extracts and concentrates.

Our Strawberry Pie Auto has been selected from a FastBuds elite clone that stands out for its production, maintaining the sweet taste of the Strawberry.

How to grow Strawberry Pie Auto

Growing this strain can be a rewarding task for both beginner and experienced growers. This variety can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although to achieve the best results, optimal conditions should be maintained throughout the growth cycle.

Indoors, Strawberry Pie Autoflower plants have a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks and can produce around 400 to 550 gr/m2. Daytime temperatures between 20-27°C and nighttime temperatures between 15-18°C are recommended. Relative humidity should be kept around 55%-60% during the vegetative stage and reduced to 40% during the flowering stage. For the harvest stage, it can be further reduced to 30%.

Outdoors, growers in the northern hemisphere should plant their cannabis seeds in April to harvest in mid-June, being able to carry out another crop harvesting at the end of August. A healthy Strawberry Pie Autoflower plant can produce around 80 – 150 gr/plant of buds. A place where cannabis plants receive as much sunlight as possible should always be sought.

Strawberry Pie Auto Features

This cannabis strain is known for its compact and hard buds, soaked in resin and often presenting a crystalline shine due to the amount of trichomes. Its terpene profile includes Alpha-Humulene, Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, Terpineol, Terpinolene, which are known for their properties in relieving anxiety, migraines, and pain.

The taste and aroma of this variety can be described as the perfect combination of berry and flower flavors. Strawberry Pie Autoflower produces a delicious and smooth smoke, offering a wide range of effects along with a strong and relaxing experience.

The high THC production of the Strawberry Pie Auto, ranging between 24% and 26%, provides a potent and relaxing experience. For all these reasons, Strawberry Pie Auto seeds have become a standout option among cheap autoflowering seeds, offering growers a resilient, productive, and easy-to-grow plant.

What we like the most

  • Easy to grow.
  • Its incredible strawberry shortcake flavor.
  • It is harvested in only 65 days.
  • Very relaxing and happy effects.
  • Price.

What we like least

  • It is very fragrant in bloom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions by growers interested in these genetics:

When does Strawberry Pie Auto start flowering?

In general, Strawberry Pie Auto starts flowering approximately between week 4 and 6 after germination.

How long does it take to harvest a Strawberry Pie Auto from germination?

The total time from germination to harvest for this strain is approximately 60 to 70 days. This includes the germination, vegetative growth and flowering stages, making it a fast and efficient choice for growers.

How to grow a Strawberry Pie Auto?

Strawberry Pie Auto can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It is a resistant and adaptable plant to various growing conditions, which makes it suitable for both beginners and more experienced growers.

What are the effects of Strawberry Pie Auto in bulk?

The effects are mainly physical, although a cerebral influence that induces a state of deep relaxation and well-being can also be appreciated.

Additional information




Mostly Indica


Strawberry x Cherry Pie Auto



Recommended crop

Interior and exterior

Full life cycle

Short: less than 75 days



Indoor production

400-550 g/m2

Outdoor production

100-150 g/plant

Outdoor height

0,75 cm – 100 cm

Aromas and flavours

Strawberry, Sweet


Happiness, Relaxation


25% – 27%


Low: < 1%.


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