Amnesia Lemon Auto


Amnesia Lemon Auto is the perfect choice for those looking for an easy and abundant harvest in under 12 weeks. With an intense lemon flavor and balanced effects, this strain stands out for its vigor, resilience, and production of resinous buds. Take advantage of this citrus marvel!

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The Amnesia Lemon Auto is a genetic marvel created by fusing a mother Amnesia Lemon that won the 2004 Cannabis Cup, and a Ruderalis that reduces the cultivation time to a minimum.

The plants of Amnesia Lemon Auto are vigorous and robust, ideal for both novice and experienced growers. Outdoors, these beauties can exceed 1.2 meters in height, adopting a fir tree structure with a long main cola and strong secondary branches. Their buds are large, dense, and overflowing with resin, exuding an irresistible lemon aroma.

Indoors, their growth is more manageable thanks to their Skunk heritage, although you will still need some training techniques like SCROG or Super Cropping to control their height. Growers love them not only for their ease of cultivation but also for their high yield. Outdoors, yields can easily exceed 120 grams per plant, while indoors they range between 500 and 550 grams per square meter.

Flavor and Effects

The flavor of Amnesia Lemon Auto is a citrus explosion on the palate. Its buds release an intense lemon aroma, mixed with hints of fresh herbs, sandalwood, and sweet candy. When smoked, this symphony of flavors translates into an unforgettable experience, with lemon being the undisputed protagonist.

The effects of this strain are potent and balanced. With a THC content ranging from 12% to 15%, and almost no CBD, Amnesia Lemon Auto offers a psychoactive, joyful, and somewhat psychedelic onset. It is ideal for moments of creativity or socializing, as it induces a sense of euphoria and energy. Over time, its effects become more relaxing, providing body calm that can help relieve muscle tension and stress.

Consumers greatly value this strain’s ability to balance physical and mental effects, allowing them to enjoy a productive afternoon followed by a peaceful night.

Production and Flowering Time

Amnesia Lemon Auto is a highly productive strain, both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, this plant can exceed 120 cm in height in some cases, showing a robust and vigorous structure. Yields can surpass 120 grams in the largest specimens.

Indoors, this strain is equally impressive. Although its Sativa heritage might suggest uncontrollable growth, its Skunk genes make it more adaptable to confined spaces. With proper training techniques, its height remains manageable. Indoor yields typically range around 500-550 grams per square meter, a more than respectable amount for any grower.

Regarding flowering time, the Amnesia Lemon Auto strain is quite fast. After a short growth phase of 3-4 weeks, it will enter an explosive flowering stage, ready in a total of 12 weeks. Outdoors, it is possible to achieve up to 3 consecutive harvests in areas with dry autumns.

How to Grow Amnesia Lemon Auto

The Amnesia Lemon Auto is one of the most grateful and easy strains to grow. It is ideal for both beginner and experienced growers. Its resilience and adaptability make it a versatile option for any type of cultivation.

To achieve the best results, we recommend growing it in a warm and sunny climate, in a pot of at least 20 liters with a nutrient-rich substrate. Indoors, it is important to control its growth with training techniques to keep it manageable and ensure good production.

One of the biggest advantages of Amnesia Lemon Auto is its resistance to pests and diseases. With the basic care of any cannabis crop ÔÇô good lighting, adequate water, and quality nutrients ÔÇô this strain will thrive without major issues.

The harvest is quick and generous, making it an excellent option for those looking for high yields in a short time. Its genetic heritage gives it a robustness that does not demand much from the grower, allowing them to focus on enjoying the process and the fruits of their labor.

What we like most

  • Sweet and fruity flavor, with hints of cherry and citrus.
  • Potent and balanced effects, ideal for both recreational and medicinal use.
  • Harvests in 12 weeks.
  • Very relaxing and happy effects.
  • Resistance to nutrient fluctuations and ease of trimming.

What we like least

  • May require some experience to maximize its productive potential.
  • Needs a warm and sunny climate to perform its best outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions from growers interested in this strain:

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions from growers interested in this strain:

Is Amnesia Lemon Auto a sativa or indica?

Amnesia Lemon Auto is a hybrid with clear sativa dominance, ideal for daytime use and creative activities. It offers a balanced effect that starts with sativa euphoria and ends with indica relaxation.

What is the THC content of Amnesia Lemon Auto?

Amnesia Lemon Auto has a THC content ranging from 12% to 15%. This amount provides potent and balanced effects, enough for an intense yet manageable psychoactive experience.

How long does it take to harvest Amnesia Lemon Auto?

Amnesia Lemon Auto has a very fast flowering time of about 8-9 weeks. In total, it will be ready for harvest in about 12 weeks from the date of planting.

What is the yield of Amnesia Lemon Auto indoors and outdoors?

Amnesia Lemon Auto is a very productive plant. Indoors, it can produce up to 600 grams per square meter, while outdoors it can yield between 100 and 125 grams per plant, provided it receives adequate light and nutrients.

Is it difficult to grow Amnesia Lemon Auto?

No, Amnesia Lemon Auto is very easy to grow. It is resilient and does not require intensive care, making it ideal for both beginners and more experienced growers. It just needs sun, water, and nutrients to thrive.

What is the flavor and aroma of Amnesia Lemon Auto like?

The flavor and aroma of Amnesia Lemon Auto are intensely citrus, predominantly lemon. It also features hints of fresh herbs, sandalwood, and sweet candy, creating a complex and pleasant sensory experience.

Additional information




Mostly Sativa


Amnesia Lemon x Ruderalis



Recommended crop

Interior and exterior

Full life cycle

84 days



Indoor production

500-550 g/m2

Outdoor production

100-130 g/plant

Outdoor height

0,9-1,2 m

Aromas and flavours

Citrus, Spices, Sweet


Creativity, Energy, Euphoria, Relaxation


15% – 20%


Low: < 1%.


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