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Cannabis autoflowering

You surely already heard about the autoflowering genetics, they appeared on the cannabis seeds market for a few years already, but do you know that are their origins? Did you ever hear of the Ruderalis cannabis family? Do you know what are the characteristics of the automatic types of plants?

We will see together, in this article, the history of autoflowering plants, but we will also give you the best tips and tricks to succeed in your cultivation of autoflowering cannabis plants outdoors and indoors.

Ruderalis plants outdoors
Ruderalis cannabis plants in their natural habitat.

Origin of autoflowering plants

Si aujourd’hui, il est possible de trouver quasiment toutes les génétiques de cannabis féminisées dans leur version autofloraison, c’est grâce à une découverte remontant à 1924. C’est, en effet, le botaniste russe Dmitrij Erastovich Janischewsky à découvert la génétique de cannabis Ruderalis.

The name “Ruderalis” comes from ruderal, a term for wild plant species. It grows naturally on roadsides and fallow farmland in Central and Eastern Europe and as far away as Russia. A few examples can also be found in North America, notably in the United States and Canada.

Development of the first autoflowering cannabis plants

During a very long time, the Ruderalis genetics were almost ignored of the programs of selection of the breeders who focused on the plants Indica and Sativa, producing then largely higher outputs, and intense concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes.

During work carried out during the Seventies, several tests of crossing between Ruderalis and Sativa or Indica were carried out, in particular a crossing between a Mexican Sativa and a Russian Ruderalis. The results were not convincing, however, as the plants were not stable and smoking Ruderalis cannabis proved to be a particularly unpleasant experience.

An auto plant on the side of the road.
Ruderalis cannabis plants grow naturally on roadsides in some areas.

It was not until the famous Joint Doctor grower received a somewhat mysterious genetics that surely came from the first laboratory tests with the name “Rudy Mexicain”. Surprised by the characteristics of this genetics, he carried out various crossings, in particular with a Northern Lights #2, whose result was crossed with an Indica called William’ S Wonder. That allowed him to preserve specimens with the characteristics autoflowering, but proposing plants concentrated in THC and with interesting flavours. It was not until the 6ᵉ generation of crossing that the basis of all autoflowering varieties, the famous “Lowrider,” appeared.

Les plantes autofloraisons peuvent ainsi se trouver à l’heure actuel dans tous les catalogues des banques de graines. Après plusieurs générations de croisement et de retrocroisements, il est possible de trouver tout type de plantes automatiques. Ainsi, si les cultivateurs souhaitent des plantes autofloraisons très productives, ils pourront se tourner vers des génétiques de cannabis autofloraisons XL, avec notamment notre Critical Auto XXL en gros.

Indoor Auto.
Modern autoflowering cannabis plants are worthy of the best feminized plants. (Fast Buds)

Finally, for growers with slightly more limited budgets, there is the option of bulk autoflowering cannabis seeds. There will be no more excuses, everyone will be able to produce their own cannabis regardless of the space available.

Characteristics of autoflowering cannabis seeds

The main characteristic common to all autoflowering cannabis plants is its independence from the photoperiod. What does this mean? Well, Ruderalis cannabis plants will start flowering no matter how much light they receive. An important difference with its cousins Indica and Sativa and which allows him to adapt to a significant number of gardens.

For photoperiod sensitive plants, the “traditional” varieties, flowering starts with the reduction of sunlight hours. When growing outdoors, production will start in early July more or less. Indoors, it will be necessary to leave 12 hours of light for the plants to begin to bloom.

autoflowering cannabis
Outdoor autoflowering cannabis plant.

Therefore, by growing autoflowering cannabis plants outdoors, it will be possible to harvest several crops in one season. It can therefore be an excellent option to have some grass to eat during the summer without having to wait for September-October as it is the case with the photosensitive plants.

Indoors, it will not be necessary to change the photoperiod for Ruderalis plants to start producing flowers. Some growers choose to leave 18H of light, but it is possible to increase to 20H or even leave the light on continuously to get the maximum from the cannabis plants.

Autoflowering plants are therefore separate. They propose most of the time a reduced size (except in the cases of autoflowering cannabis plants XXL) and a compact structure. However, Rudelaris cannabis plants will retain all the hallmarks of cannabis plants, with autoflowering cannabis leaves similar to photosensitive genetics.

Indoor growing of autoflowers.
Growing Moby Dick XXL (Dinafem)

We hope to have answered your doubts about autoflowering cannabis plants. Automatic plants are an excellent option for growing cannabis both indoors and outdoors, and you will be able to get the most intense crops possible.

Wishing you successful crops!

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