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types of cannabis

Different types of cannabis

There are currently thousands of different types of cannabis and genetics, all available in the catalogs of the most prestigious cannabis seed banks. The beginner grower can therefore be somewhat confused when choosing which variety of cannabis to grow, even though this is a crucial point in ensuring a successful crop and harvest.

It is essential to select the right variety to grow. In effect, this can be decisive on the results produced during the growing process. The behavior of the plants during the culture is different according to the type of cultivated cannabis, as well as the flavors and the effects that it is possible to experiment with the obtained harvest.

Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, … all have their particular characteristics, and it will be the first criterion to be taken into consideration before selecting the genetics which will be cultivated, that it is indoors or outdoors. We will therefore quickly describe what makes the characteristics of each type of cannabis. Finally, we will not forget to return on the varieties containing Ruderalis which one also calls plants autoflowerings, but also on the varieties rich in CBD often used by the consumers who seek the therapeutic properties of cannabis.

Types of cannabis
There are different types of cannabis.

So, today we are going to present you the different types of cannabis available on the market. You can then choose the genetics that best suit you and your growing area. Make sure you have a pleasant growing experience and a harvest that will meet all your expectations!

Indica, Sativa or Hybrid, autoflowering, which one is best for you?

Indica cannabis types genetics

The autochthonous plants 100 % Indica grow naturally in the region in the Cordillera Valley of the Hindu Kush. Consequently, one will be able to find Indica cannabis genetics in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan…

Indica plants are genetics that are often easier to grow than their Sativa counterpart. With a more contained growth vigor, Indica plants are stocky, with less spaced internodes, ideal for SOG crops.

The flowering periods are also much shorter, which reduces the risk of problems during cultivation. Indoors, harvesting can generally take place up to 9 weeks after the change in photoperiod.

Outdoors, the fastest genetics will be able to be harvested during the month of September, so they are especially adapted to regions that have wet ends of the season, making sure to avoid the appearance of molds, such as Botrytis.

types of cannabis
100% Indica plant in its natural environment.

During the consumption, it will be possible to enjoy effects that are generally more relaxing and focused mainly on the physical and muscular side. It will be necessary to privilege the consumption of Indica plants in the evening or if no activity is envisaged following the tasting. It is ideal for helping to find sleep and is often used to fight chronic pain or arthritis.

Harvests are generally very attractive with rock-hard and very compact heads. The Indica genetics offer in most cases a rich production of resin. It is therefore perfect for the amateurs of cannabinoids extractions, whether it is to carry out traditional Hash or more modern techniques like the Rosin or BHO.

Genetics of Sativa cannabis types

The native Sativa plants come from intertropical regions such as Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Colombia, Mexico, India or China. It can also be found in various African countries such as Congo or South Africa for example.

In general, we do not recommend growing 100% Sativa plants indoors, especially for growers who are new to growing cannabis. In fact, these plants are very vigorous, grow quickly and can climb very high. It will be necessary to carry out very short periods of growth, or even to launch the plants directly under a flowering photoperiod.

It can be difficult to control them and the plants can quickly touch the lamp, which can have a negative impact on your crop by literally burning the tops. For growers who still want to start growing this type of genetics indoors, it will be recommended to implement different growing techniques, such as a SCROG or by pinching and/or palming the plant, to control its height and give it the desired shape.

types of cannabis
Cannabis sativa types usually grow in tropical areas.

The bloom periods will be longer in comparison with the Indica genetics, being able to flirt in certain cases the 20 weeks after the photoperiod change. It will be recommended to control well the crop of cannabis, because many issues can occur during this long period of flowering.

During outdoor cultivation, it will be possible to find plants that will be harvested during the month of November. Their cultivation in regions with wet season ends should therefore be avoided at the risk of losing part or all of the harvest with the appearance of mold. We can also notice that the Sativa genetics are often less greedy in nutrients.

The effects of Sativa plants are very frequently concentrated on the cerebral side, with clear and psychedelic effects. It usually provides a great deal of motivation and should generally be avoided before going to sleep or if you want to rest or relax.

A good option to try 100% Sativa genetics is found in Durban Poison. It is a genetics Sativa coming from South Africa and which is especially easy to cultivate in addition to being relatively fast to bloom.

Types of cannabis Hybrids

As one can imagine, the hybrid genetics are the result of the crossing between varieties Indica and Sativa. It represents the majority of the genetics available today and is often the preferred option for most growers. This is the best option to enjoy the best of both worlds. When growing, it will be possible to take advantage of the famous hybrid vigor, for plants that grow quickly, but will remain easily controllable by most growers, even beginners.

types of cannabis
Hybrid plants are an excellent compromise!

One will find all kinds of hybrid plants and of course the result will depend on each genetics and in particular on the proportion of Sativa and Indica. In fact, there are all types of hybrids available on the cannabis seed market. Generally, the effects are balanced and offer something more global, more complete, with sensations that affect all areas, both physical and cerebral.

Some of the most popular types of hybrid cannabis are Critical 2.0, Chronic and Girl Scout Cookies.

Ruderalis or autoflowering cannabis plants

The Ruderalis cannabis genetics was discovered in 1924 by a Russian botanist. It grows naturally in Central and Eastern Europe, up to Russia. It is also possible to see Ruderalis cannabis plants growing in their natural environment in North America, including the United States and Canada.

Ruderalis keep their size small and generally offer low THC levels. However, it has one of the most interesting characteristics that has attracted the attention of breeders of cannabis seed banks around the world.

In fact, whatever the time of lighting received, the type of cannabis Ruderalis will be able to enter in bloom all alone. Many banks crossed their best Sativa and Indica plants with Ruderalis, to offer versions of autoflowering seeds, with characteristics worthy of the best feminized cannabis plants.

Nowadays and after several generations of crosses and back crosses, autoflowering plants have reached exceptional levels of quality recently. Some remain compact with extremely short life cycles, while others are a little longer to bloom with imposing sizes for the most interesting resin productions.

types of cannabis
Type of cannabis autoflowering outdoors.

Autoflowering plants are very popular for growers who don’t have a lot of space and want to grow multiple crops outdoors. It can also be adapted to indoor cultures, but it will be necessary to leave a photoperiod of 20H of light for 4H of darkness to obtain the maximum of the genetic autoflowerings. In inside, it will be thus preferable to turn to especially fast Indica plants, in order to reduce the electric consumption for just as interesting results.

Do you prefer therapeutic or recreational?

All these types of cannabis can nevertheless offer more or less powerful psychoactive effects depending on the concentration of the different cannabinoids present in the resin produced by the plants. all cannabinoids present on marihuana plants offer therapeutic interests, we often propose cannabis seeds concentrated in CBD with little THC, for medical treatments in order to limit the effects of THC which could be undesirable for some consumers.

Genetics enriched in CBD

Since the appearance of the varieties rich in CBD with Harlequin CBD for example, the consumers who seek only the medical effects generally turn to varieties rich in cannabidiol (CBD). These are also ideal varieties to enjoy the flavors of cannabis at any time of the day, without feeling any noticeable effects and that allow to perform any activity without being affected.

Let us recall all the same that the effect surrounding is essential to benefit the maximum of the benefits of cannabis, according to the problems to be treated. For a tasty harvest, but without psychoactive effects, you can turn to the Jack Herer x Black Domina CBD or the CBD Therapy for example.

Type of psychoactive cannabis

Consumers who want to experience the traditional effects of cannabis most often turn to THC-rich genetics. With varieties like Gorilla Cookies or OG Kush among many others, it will be possible to enjoy powerful sensations, whether with Indica or Sativa genetics. While most genetics did not exceed 20% of THC, until a few years ago, thanks to the genetic crossings carried out by the best cannabic geneticists, it is no longer rare to find varieties extremely concentrated in tetrahidrocannabinol, with rates that can reach 30% depending on the growing conditions and phenotypes.

types of cannabis
Indoor growing of psychoactive plants.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about the different types of cannabis available on the market and that you now know what criteria to consider when selecting the next cannabis genetics to grow.

Wishing you excellent crops!


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