Lemon Sherbert Purple


Lemon Sherbert Purple from Bulk Genetics combines the best of Lemon Sherbet and Purple Punch, offering resinous and creamy buds with a unique purple touch. With a potent 22% THC, this easy-to-grow hybrid strain guarantees deep relaxation and an exceptional flavor experience. Perfect for discerning growers!

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Lemon Sherbert Purple is the result of a brilliant cross between Lemon Sherbet and Purple Punch, two genetic giants that have led to a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid strain. This genetic marvel stands out for its stability and its ability to develop vigorous, well-branched plants.

With a quick flowering period, this strain produces large, compact, and resinous buds, with a distinctive purple touch that makes them visually irresistible. Additionally, it is very resilient and easy to grow, making it a favorite choice for both novice and experienced growers.

Flavor and Effects

The flavor of Lemon Sherbert Purple is an explosion of sensations. Its organoleptic qualities are intense, with a blend of creamy, citrusy, and mentholated notes combined with sweet touches. This flavor profile turns into a unique and pleasant experience, from the first inhale to the last exhale.

Regarding the effect, Lemon Sherbert Purple offers deep body relaxation that feels like a warm and comforting hug. However, its effect is not completely sedative, as it provides optimal cerebral stimulation that induces creativity and laughter. This combination makes it ideal for combating fatigue and depression, as well as for stimulating appetite.

With a THC content of 22% and CBD content of 0.5%, this strain guarantees a potent but balanced experience. It is perfect for those looking for deep relaxation after a tiring day or simply wanting to enjoy a good time in company.

Production and Flowering Time

Lemon Sherbert Purple is a strain that shines in both indoor and outdoor grows, offering a generous yield that satisfies any grower. Indoors, this strain reaches a yield of up to 500 grams per square meter. The flowering time is around 8-9 weeks from the switch to 12/12.

In outdoor grows, Lemon Sherbert Purple also stands out for its yield. Each plant can produce around 600-800 grams, making it an excellent choice for those who have the space to grow it outdoors. The outdoor harvest is ready by mid-October, offering tempting flowers just in time for autumn.

How to Grow Lemon Sherbert Purple

Growing Lemon Sherbert Purple strain is a rewarding experience for both novice and experienced growers. This strain is characterized by its ease of cultivation, making it an ideal option for those starting in the world of cannabis cultivation, as well as for those with more experience looking for a robust and high-yielding plant.

For best results, we recommend growing Lemon Sherbert Purple in a temperate and sunny climate. This strain adapts well to both indoor and outdoor grows but prefers conditions where it can receive plenty of light and warmth. Indoors, it is essential to maintain good ventilation and control humidity levels to prevent mold and mildew issues.

One of the great advantages of Lemon Sherbert Purple is its resistance to pests and diseases. This plant shows remarkable strength against common insect attacks and diseases, further simplifying its cultivation and reducing the need for intensive chemical treatments.

Below, we present two brief lists of what we like most and least about this strain:

What We Like Most

  • Ease of cultivation, ideal for all levels.
  • Creamy and mentholated flavor, with irresistible citrus and sweet touches.
  • Generous yield both indoors and outdoors.
  • Resistance to pests and diseases.

What We Like Least

  • Needs a temperate and sunny climate for optimal performance.
  • Outdoor harvest is delayed until October.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions from growers interested in this strain:

Is Lemon Sherbert Purple sativa or indica?

Lemon Sherbert Purple is a hybrid strain that combines the best of both sativa and indica genetics. Although it has a sativa dominance, it features characteristics of both. Sativas are typically taller and thinner, with narrow leaves and an energizing, cerebral effect. On the other hand, indicas are more compact and robust, with broad leaves and a relaxing, body-centric effect. Lemon Sherbert Purple, being a hybrid, offers a balanced mix of these effects, providing deep relaxation accompanied by optimal cerebral stimulation.

How long does Lemon Sherbert Purple take to flower?

The flowering time of Lemon Sherbert Purple indoors is approximately 8-9 weeks. For outdoor grows, the harvest is expected to be ready by October. This relatively short flowering period allows growers to obtain a generous harvest in an efficient time frame.

What is the expected yield of Lemon Sherbert Purple?

Indoors, Lemon Sherbert Purple can produce up to 500 grams per square meter, while outdoors, the yield can reach up to 800 grams per plant. These figures make it a very productive and profitable option for growers.

What climate is best for growing Lemon Sherbert Purple?

For best results, we recommend growing Lemon Sherbert Purple in a temperate and sunny climate. This strain adapts well to different environments but thrives especially in conditions where it can receive plenty of light and warmth. It is important to maintain good ventilation and control humidity levels indoors to avoid mold and mildew issues.

What effects does Lemon Sherbert Purple consumption have?

Consuming Lemon Sherbert Purple offers a combination of relaxing and stimulating effects. Thanks to its 22% THC content, it provides deep and pleasant body relaxation, ideal for combating fatigue and stress. At the same time, its cerebral effect is optimal for stimulating creativity and good mood. It also contains 0.5% CBD, which helps balance the effects and offer a more controlled experience.

Additional information




Indica / Sativa


Lemon Sherbert x Purple Punch



Recommended crop

Interior and exterior

Flowering time




Indoor flowering

54-63 days

Indoor production

500 g/m2

Outdoor harvest


Outdoor production

600-800 g/plant

Outdoor height

2-2,5 m

Aromas and flavours

Citrus, Creamy, Mint, Sweet


Creativity, Laughing




Low: < 1%.


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