OG Kush Auto


OG Kush Auto maintains the best characteristics of the American legend, concentrated in a much more discreet and very fast plant. Its life cycle is very short and from germination it is harvested in about 9-10 weeks. The buds are elongated, hard as steel and sticky like honey. An intense and penetrating lemon aroma and flavor will cause your palate to rejoice while a tornado of euphoric, happy and relaxing sensations will take over your being.

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OG Kush Auto is an autoflowering strain that retains all the charm of its mother, OG Kush, the most famous variety in the United States, but it can be harvested in record time.

OG Kush is possibly a cross between Chemdawg and a hybrid Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush, a multiple award-winning strain that gave rise to many other varieties such as Bruce Banner, Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato, or Candy Kush.

The initials OG refer to Ocean Grow because originally this strain grew near the west coast of the state of California. Nowadays, it is a plant widely versioned by banks like Humboldt Seeds, FastBuds, Seedsman, Sensi Seeds, Dinafem, or Piramyd, among many others. The only difference is that our bulk seeds are the cheapest.

How to cultivate OG Kush Auto

It is a fast-growing and elegant plant with a rather columnar structure. When conditions are favorable, it can reach a height of 1.5 meters. To achieve this, use a large pot of at least 20-25 liters from the very beginning. This way, the plants won’t slow down their growth as sometimes happens when transplanting, and they will reach their maximum size.

From the germination of the seeds, it will take about 63-70 days to harvest. Outdoors, two consecutive crops can be obtained during the growing season, and up to three if October tends to be dry.

Characteristics of OG Kush Auto

It is not a variety famous for its production. Its buds are the size of golf balls, but very numerous, very compact, and excessively resinous.

It has an almost unmistakable aroma and flavor, with citrusy hints of lemon, pine, and diesel standing out. This is one of its strong points and what contributes to much of its fame.

The effects are very potent, with a quick, animated, and euphoric high that will give way to more relaxed, soothing, and happy sensations. It is the most demanded medical marijuana variety in American dispensaries.

The yields are medium/high. In outdoor plants that manage to reach greater heights, you can get up to 150 grams. Using an indoor LED lighting system of 300-350 W, production will reach 500 grams per m².

What we like the most

  • Very easy to cultivate.
  • Very short life cycle.
  • Intense lemon and pine flavor.
  • Very relaxing and happy effects.
  • Its price.

What we like least

  • In bloom it is very fragrant.
  • Its production is medium.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions from growers interested in this strain:

When does OG Kush Auto start to flower?

After a growth phase of 3-4 weeks, the plants will start to flower.

How long does it take to harvest an OG Kush Auto from germination?

It is a fast autoflowering cannabis variety that is harvested in a total of 8-9 weeks.

How to cultivate feminized OG Kush Auto?

It is very easy and resistant. When using a large pot from the beginning, it can reach a height of 1.5 meters.

What are the effects of OG Kush Auto in bulk?

After an intense, lively, and euphoric high, the body becomes filled with relaxing sensations. Ideal for smoking at night.

Additional information




Mostly Indica


OG Kush x Ruderalis



Recommended crop

Interior and exterior

Full life cycle

Short: less than 75 days



Indoor production

450-550 g/m2

Outdoor production

100-150 g/plant

Outdoor height

1-1,5 m

Aromas and flavours

Earth, Lemon, Pine, Wood


Courage, Dream, Euphoria, Happiness, Relaxation


15% – 20%


Low: < 1%.


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