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Top 5 THC-free marijuana strains

Seed bank catalogues have never been so varied and whatever characteristics you are looking for, you will be able to find a strain that suits your needs. Today we will focus on THC-free and CBD-rich marijuana strains.

We will explain the benefits of these strains and offer you a selection of 5 THC-free marijuana strains in bulk available at the best price in the Bulk Genetics cannabis seeds catalogue.

What are the properties of THC-free marijuana?

THC is probably the best known cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. Discovered by professors Raphael Mechoulam and Yechiel Gaoni, it is the element that causes psychoactive effects when cannabis strains are consumed.

Not all of the currently known characteristics of marijuana are due to THC, so even without THC it is possible to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, especially CBD, which has very interesting characteristics, such as analgesic and anti-inflammatory, but also antioxidant and anti-emetic.

THC-free marijuana

For this reason, many people look for THC-free cannabis strains, so that they can enjoy all the benefits without feeling the psychoactive effects. In this way, it will be possible to consume cannabis and continue with daily activities without any difficulty.

5 strains of marijuana without THC

We offer you a selection of the best THC-free cannabis seeds available in the Bulk Genetics catalogue. These genetics offer high concentrations of CBD, so they will not produce any psychoactive effects on the consumer, who will still be able to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Enjoy the best THC-free strains in bulk at the lowest price available in the Bulk Genetics cannabis seeds catalogue.

CBD Therapy

Let’s start with one of the great monuments of non-THC marijuana genetics. A joint work from the breeders of Resin Seeds and Mr Nice. CBD Therapy offers very low THC levels with a ratio of 1:15 to 1:22 to CBD.

CBD Therapy

Besides offering very high CBD concentrations and low THC percentages, CBD Therapy is easy to grow. Even novice growers will be able to master this plant and give it what it needs to grow to its full potential and produce a bountiful harvest.

For people who want to make CBD-rich extractions, this genetics is especially suitable for its resin production. When creating these genetics, the breeders did not want to neglect the production of terpenes. The flavours are pleasant, sweet and fruity.

Auto CBD Gorilla Glue

Auto CBD Gorilla Glue is the THC-free cannabis genetics with the highest CBD ratio. Plants can produce concentrations of 1:40 or even 1:50 THC:CBD. More precisely between 0.17% – 0.27% THC to 12% or even 14% CBD.

Auto CBD Gorilla Glue

It is an autoflowering genetic, which means that it is not sensitive to photoperiod and will be able to produce flowers regardless of the amount of light received. It will be possible to grow it in small indoor spaces, or on a balcony for those who do not have much space.

With a good resin production, it is very well adapted to resin extractions, whatever the method used. Sweet and creamy flavours with a lemony touch can be enjoyed. All the characteristics of Gorilla in a CBD-rich autoflowering format.

CBD Grapefruit

CBD Grapefruit is one of the THC-free marijuana genetics with the highest CBD content. With concentrations of 24% CBD and 0.9% THC, this strain produces no psychoactive effects. Ideal for people who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

CBD Grapefruit

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. With its Sativa dominance, it is a vigorous plant, but completely controllable. This means that any grower will be able to obtain a CBD-rich harvest.

Grapefruit is a strain that has made a name for itself in the cannabis world for its intense fruity flavours. In this THC-free and CBD-rich version of marijuana it will be possible to enjoy the same flavours as the original genetics. It will be possible to enjoy grapefruit flavours with hints of pineapple.

CBD Swiss Chocolate

CBD Swiss Chocolate offers THC levels as low as 0.25% and CBD levels as high as 15%, CBD Swiss Chocolate is a feminised cannabis strain capable of delivering extremely tasty harvests, without psychoactive effects.

CBD Swiss Chocolate

It is a genetics capable of adapting to all situations, so it is particularly suitable for novice growers. It offers good resistance and develops vigorously.

Like the original genetics, you will enjoy chocolatey and sweet flavours, with some citrus and noticeably orangey hints. It is highly resinous and offers excellent yields in all cultivation methods.

Red Berry CBD Auto

Red Berry CBD Auto is an autoflowering genetic, so anyone can grow their own THC-free marijuana plants. Indoors it can be grown in small spaces, while outdoors a small balcony is enough to enjoy a CBD-rich harvest.

Red Berry CBD Auto

With its concentration of less than 0.5% THC, it will be able to offer a high CBD yield of up to 15-17%. It does not offer psychoactive effects, but allows you to enjoy the typical characteristics of CBD.

The terpene production is very interesting with berry, earthy and cypress flavours that will linger in your mouth for a long time. Not to spoil the fun, if temperatures are low at the end of flowering, it will be possible to enjoy beautiful reddish colours in the buds produced by Red Berry CBD Auto.

We hope this selection has given you an idea of THC-free marijuana genetics to add to your next grow. Feel free to browse our catalogue of bulk marijuana seeds, you will find many other genetics with equally interesting characteristics.

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