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The 10 Most Productive Autoflowerings Strains of 2023

In 2023, autoflowering cannabis plants have nothing to envy to their big sisters photodependent. Indeed, the autoflowering genetics present in the catalogs of the biggest banks of cannabis seeds, are quite worthy of comparisons with the most qualitative and generous feminized plants in terms of output. In some cases, some of the most productive autoflowering plants are also the cheapest, discover here our selection!

Many growers wish to optimize their culture and thus seek the fastest and most productive genetics. Thus, we propose you in this article a selection of the 10 most productive autoflowering strains of our catalog. The most productive, but also among the cheapest cannabis seeds of the market. Fill up your weed supply, without breaking the bank!

But, what is the most productive autoflowering plant? Do not look any more, Bulk Genetics makes you a selection of the 10 most productive autoflowering cannabis seeds in outside or inside, for the most generous possible cultures.

Indoor and outdoor productive autoflowering plants

Critical 2.0 Auto

To begin this selection of the most productive autoflowering plants, we offer you a great classic of the cultivators who seek a maximum return with their plants, Critical 2.0 Auto.

Critical genetics are known to be among the most productive autoflowering cannabis strains of all time. Critical 2.0 offers you an improved version of this classic genetics in autoflowering format. With a complete cycle of 8-9 weeks, it is one of the fastest and most productive autoflowering seeds.

Under lamp and at the time of the cultures in inside, it will be able to produce up to 300 g per m² and it will be one of the most productive autoflowering plants in outside. Indeed, with good conditions of culture, its outputs can reach the 600 g by plant without problem.

La Critical 2.0 Auto fait parti des autofloraisons les plus productives de 2023 !
One of the most productive autoflowers, Critical 2.0 Auto

La récolte, en plus d’être parmi les plus abondantes disponible sur le marché, propose également une qualité exceptionnelle. En plus d’avoir des effets particulièrement puissants et complets, proposant une expérience à la fois physique et cérébrale, la dégustation ne laissera personne indifférent. Le consommateur pourra profiter de notes intenses citronnés, de pin sur un fond épicé qui rappellera les meilleurs haschichs afghan.

The harvest, in addition to being among the most abundant available on the market, also proposes an exceptional quality. In addition to having particularly powerful and complete effects, offering an experience at the same time physical and cerebral, the tasting will not leave anybody indifferent. The consumer will be able to enjoy intense lemony notes, of pine on a spicy bottom which will remind the best Afghan hashish.

Green Skunk XL Auto

Among the most productive and least expensive autoflowering genetics, we can quote the famous Green Skunk XL Auto, a genetics well known by the growers who look for a massive autoflowering plant offering very interesting yields.

Thanks to its Skunk heritage, it is a very easy genetics to cultivate. It grows a lot and is not necessarily the most adapted for discrete cultures or in small spaces. It grows with vigour, developing big plants which will be able to harvest 8 weeks after the germination of seeds.

The effects propose a deep relaxation, typical of the genetic Indica, ideal to relax the muscles and the spirit. This relaxation will be accompanied by typical flavors of Skunk, sweet and fruity.

Crystal Bud XL Auto

The XL version of Crystal Bud Auto is certainly one of the most productive and fastest autoflowering genetics available on the market. A genetic to try if you look for a plant easy to cultivate which adapts to all and which will always offer interesting returns.

most productive autoflowering strain
Crystal Bud Auto

8 weeks after the germination, it will be possible to harvest voluminous plants which will be able to reach 130 cm and to propose until 600 g of flowers per plant cultivated in outside. Crystal Bud XL Auto is one of the most productive autoflowering genetics in outside, but which is still able to beat records under lamp in inside, with yields of 300 g/m².

With its production of very abundant resin, it is a genetic adapted for the realization of the concentrates of cannabis. Proposing flavours of candies, as sweet as fruity, the consumer will be able to benefit from powerful effects, with a fast rise, at the same time stimulating and euphoric.

Autoflowering Strains with Awesome Yields for Indoor

Amnesia Auto

For the indoor growers, who do not have the place to cultivate plants with the influence Sativa and who wish plants able to adapt to their conditions of culture, the Amnesia Auto represents an excellent option. Among the most productive autoflowering plants indoors.

A Sativa plant, easy to cultivate and which does not grow too much, by keeping a controllable size of 1 m. It is thus completely adapted for the beginners cultivators, who will be able to harvest their plants 11 to 12 weeks after the germination of seeds autoflowerings.

In outside, it offers interesting returns which can reach 550 G per plant according to the conditions of culture. It is indoors and under lamps Led for example, that Amnesia Auto propose the maximum of its capacities, with harvests which will reach the 300 g/m² which will allow to take advantage of a sympathetic stimulation, accompanied by classic flavours of Haze.

Devil jack XL Auto

Among the XL genetics, the Devil Jack XL Auto is a beast. It will not be necessarily recommended for the small spaces in inside, with plants which can reach the 160 cm height, they become quickly cumbersome.

most productive autoflowering strain
Devil Jack Auto XL Auto , among the most productive autoflowers !

For the growers who have enough space, this characteristic will be clearly an advantage. With plants which bloom fully during the cultures under lamp and outputs which can reach without difficulty 300 g of flowers per m² of culture. One of the most productive autoflowering plants available in the catalog of Bulk Genetics. The growers who wish to place it in outside, will be able to obtain interesting yields, to harvest 10 weeks after the germination and which can rise to 450 g per plant in the good conditions.

In all the cases, the harvest proposes flowers in the fresh and citric flavours which remind the lemon, very sweetened and accompanied by the Haze touch inherited from the Jack Herer, rich in touches of incense. The effects arrive very quickly, after some puffs, it will be possible to feel a wave of energy and happiness that will finish on a sensation of deep relaxation.

Mazar Auto

A great classic in Autoflowering Strain. Mazar Auto offers harvests as fast as productive. A true jewel Old school which will offer abundant harvests and particularly adapted to the culture under lamps.

The plants of Mazar Auto will remain rather compact, with plants which will rarely exceed 130 cm. A size which they will develop very quickly, since the plants will be able to harvest only 65-70 days after the germination of seeds.

most productive autoflowering strain
Autoflowering seeds from Mazar Auto

With generous harvests in outside, for yields which can reach 550 g / m², Mazar Auto offers the best of itself during the indoor cultures with a production of heads which will be able to reach 250 g per plant.

The flavours will remind the best Hashish, with earthy and pine aromas on a citric background, accompanied by touches of incense. Typical of the varieties of cannabis Kush.

Most productive Autoflowering plants for outdoors

Gorilla Glue Auto

Gorilla Glue is a modern genetics, offering a plant at the same time easy to cultivate and with harvests as abundant as satisfactory. This autoflowering version allows all growers to enjoy one of the best genetics available on the market. Enjoy one of the best and most productive autoflowering genetics of 2023 with Gorilla Glue Auto!

With a complete cycle, the time between germination and harvest is about 75 days, it will be possible to harvest up to 200 g per m² of heads indoors. A quite respectable result, but it will be part of the most productive autoflowerings in outside with harvests which will be able to reach 600 G by plants if the conditions of culture allow it.

With these autoflowering seeds being able to produce cannabis plants concentrating up to 25% of THC, the effects are well marked. Even the veteran consumers can be surprised for very relaxing effects, which will allow to rest after a difficult day. Among the most productive autoflowering plants, but also the most powerful.

The produced heads are very compact, propose a very attractive appearance and are particularly tasty. With an impressive layer of resin, loaded in terpenes the Gorilla Glue Auto proposes earthy flavours, slightly acres with lemony touches and of pine.

most productive autoflowering strain
Gorilla Glue Auto

Green Crack Auto

Green Crack Auto represents the meeting of two legends of the cannabis world, Critical Mass and Super Skunk. Two heavyweights of the genetics of marihuana, which make it possible to benefit from a plant with the strong structure and the generous returns.

With a harvest which can be done 9 to 10 weeks after the germination, the plant of Green Crack Auto proposes compact plants, which do not exceed 1 m and producing numerous secondary branches, strong and covered with flowers.

This genetics shines and is one of the most productive autoflowers for the outside, with plants which can offer up to 600 g of resinous buds per plant. Indoors, it will offer up to 200 g m² of culture, an ideal plant to optimize the small spaces.

Moby Dick Auto

Moby Dick is already recognized to be one of the most productive genetics in outside, discover its version car, for generous harvests made up of tempting heads.

With plants which can reach the 130 cm height, Moby Dick Auto needs space to develop correctly and bring the maximum. It will be able to harvest 10 weeks after the germination of the autoflowering seeds.

most productive autoflowering strain
Moby Dick Auto at the best price on Bulk Genetics!

The indoor yields are interesting. Indeed, it allows to recover up to 200 g per m² of culture, but it is in outside that Moby Dick Auto distinguishes itself with panache, one of the most productive autoflowers of the market. In the good conditions of culture, this automatic genetics is able to produce until 600 g of flowers by cultivated plant.

The effects arrive very quickly, after some puffs. The rise is energetic and lasts very long, stimulating the creativity, perfect for the consumption in day. The flavors are fresh with a floral and fruity touch on a background of incense.

LSD Auto

LSD Auto is an Indica-dominant cross, easy to grow and offers spectacular results, with yields that place it among the most productive autoflowering varieties outdoors. With its ease of cultivation, and its great resistance it is an ideal plant for the cultivators who want to obtain the maximum during their culture in outside.

It harvests 9 to 10 weeks after the germination of seeds, for results which could reach 600 g per plant during the cultures in outside with a maximum of sunning. If you cultivate it inside, it remains very interesting with outputs which can reach 200 G /m² at indoors.

The effects are very powerful, with sensations well marked at the time of each puff. The consumer will feel waves of energy which invite to the relaxation, by taking advantage of a certain euphoria that we generally find on genetic Sativa. The flavours are exquisite, with well marked Skunk touches, accompanied by citric and floral touches. LSD Auto is one of the most productive autoflowers, but also one of the tastiest.

Here are other autoflowering genetics productive and fast to consider for your cultures of 2023:

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