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Differences between Bulk Genetics bulk seeds and those of the original banks?

There have never been as many options as now when it comes to buying cannabis seeds. Both in terms of available genetics, of which there are thousands, and in terms of cannabis seed banks that are either traditional or bulk banks. In this article we will explain the differences between bulk and original banks.

Differences bulk

Differences between bulk seeds and original banks

Traditional cannabis banks work with breeders (breeders or seed producers) who can produce seeds for different cannabis banks. Among the most popular seedbanks are Sensi Seeds, Green House, DNA Genetics or Seedstockers, Ripper Seeds, Anesia Seeds … These banks sell genetics in packs of 10 or 25 seeds maximum at prices that can sometimes exceed 10 euros per cannabis seed. With Bulk Genetics and bulk cannabis seeds, the differences are several.

Bulk Genetics offers you cannabis seeds in bulk, that is, seeds that come directly from the growers, without going through intermediaries. This is a solution to buy affordable seeds without compromising the quality of the genetics grown. Growing cannabis can be expensive, particularly with indoor equipment and miscellaneous expenses. The Bulk Genetics team knows it and proposes you, with bulk cannabis seeds, to save a lot of money on your cannabis growing budget.

Differences bulk

At Bulk Genetics you can find hundreds of varieties that are feminized, regular, autoflowering, CBD-rich, ….. any grower will find what he needs at the best price on the market.

Seed quality

Bulk Genetics has distinguished itself from traditional cannabis seed banks by offering quality cannabis seeds at affordable prices. By working with trusted growers, the company ensures that its seeds are grown under optimal conditions, promoting healthy growth and robust genetics. It is this guarantee of quality that sets Bulk Genetics apart from other bulk cannabis seed sellers, whose quality can vary from one supplier to another.

Price-quality ratio

One of the main differences between Bulk Genetics and traditional seed banks is the quality-price ratio offered by our seeds. Due to its direct sourcing model, Bulk Genetics is able to offer its seeds at significantly lower prices than its competitors, without compromising on quality.

This gives growers the opportunity to obtain high quality cannabis seeds at an affordable price. In addition, Bulk Genetics spends much less money on marketing or other secondary expenses than traditional seed banks, Bulk Genetics simply offers the best possible quality cannabis seeds at the best possible price.

Direct supply from growers

Bulk Genetics is distinguished by its direct sourcing model. By working closely with trusted growers, the company can guarantee the quality and consistency of its cannabis seeds. This is in contrast to traditional seed banks, which may source from many different growers, which can lead to variations in quality.

Differences bulk

What do you have to remember? The difference between Bulk Genetics and traditional seed banks lies in their commitment to quality and affordability. Bulk Genetics offers superior quality at more affordable prices, making it an ideal choice for growers looking to get the most value for their cannabis seeds.

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