Lemon Kush


Lemon Kush is a Californian Indica/Sativa strain famous for its striking lime and sour lemon flavor. This variety is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation in any climate due to its high resistance and short flowering period of about 8-9 weeks. The buds are very numerous, hard as rocks and it seems as if they had fallen into a sugar bowl because of the amount of resin they accumulate. The effects are brutal, very joyful and fun, but also sedative and contemplative. It is an excellent option to de-stress, treat anxiety and depression.

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Lemon Kush is a cannabis strain from the United States, where it has legendary status. It is famous for its intense lemon flavor and high potency.

It is an Indica/Sativa hybrid that combines San Fernando Valley OG Kush and Kosher Kush. Since its presentation, many seed banks have made their own versions and developed new varieties from it, such as Critical Lemon Kush or Lemon Kush Haze.

On websites like Leafly it is a plant that always has very positive opinions that make it clear what growers and consumers think about its quality.

How to grow Lemon Kush

It is very resistant, easy to grow and does not require special care. Even the most novice grower will achieve the highest quality results.

Outdoors it grows rapidly to an average height of 2-2.5 meters. It has a great ramification that in the last weeks of flowering will need supports so that they do not yield with the weight of the flowers.

The flowering time is short and it is harvested between the end of September and the beginning of October. It is also very resistant to fungus, making it perfect for any area.

En interior se adapta a cualquier técnica de cultivo. From SOG starting from small cuttings because of the ease in concentrating the production in large apicals. A SCROG for its ease of branching and covering large spaces in a short time.

From the change of photoperiod to flowering it is harvested very quickly, in about 8-9 weeks. At this stage the odor is quite strong. If you want to avoid problems, install a good carbon filter.

Characteristics of Lemon Kush

Yields are very high, with elongated, fat and very resinous buds. Outdoors, the largest plants have a production of up to 900 grams. Indoors it will reach 550 grams per m² with a 300-350 W LED lighting equipment.

The aroma and flavor is a delight and will make your sense of taste and smell vibrate. Intense acidic and citric touches, such as lime and lemon, are appreciated.

The effects are powerful, very cheerful, energetic, fun and creative, with a relaxing but non-blocking finish. It will charge your batteries at any time of the day.

What we like the most

  • Easy to grow.
  • High Production.
  • Lime and lemon flavor.
  • Very energetic and cheerful effects.
  • Price.

What we like least

  • Intense odor during flowering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions from growers interested in these feminized bulk seeds:

When does Lemon Kush start flowering outdoors?

Depending on the latitude of the crop, flowering begins in late July to mid-August.

When to cut an outdoor Lemon Kush?

It is a fast flowering marijuana strain that is harvested between late September and early October.

How to grow a feminized Lemon Kush?

It is a very easy to grow plant, with a medium stretch and great branching.

What are the effects of Lemon Kush in bulk?

The effects are very cheerful and energetic, they will charge you with energy at any time of the day.

Additional information




Indica / Sativa


San Fernando Valley OG Kush x Kosher Kush



Recommended crop

Interior and exterior

Flowering time


Indoor flowering

54-63 days

Outdoor harvest

Late September / early October



Indoor production

450-550 g/m2

Outdoor production

700-900 g/plant

Outdoor height

2-2,5 m

Aromas and flavours

Acid, Citrus, Lemon, Lima


15% – 20%


Low: < 1%.


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