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Top 5 of the Best Red Cannabis Strains

The common image of cannabis is that of a slender plant with dark or light green leaves and flowers. But did you know that there are some genetics that can produce red, purple, blue, pink or even black marijuana plants?

Today we will explain why some genetics offer red cannbis leaves and flowers. We will also give you a list of the best genetics available in the Bulk Genetics catalogue, to enjoy beautiful cannabis buds that will stand out from the rest of your crop.

Where does red cannabis come from?

The following applies to your cannabis plants, but it also applies to other plants and mushrooms. The green colour of most marihuana plants, but also most other plants, is present thanks to chlorophyll. Something you probably already know, but do you know why some are the red, purple, pink or black colour of cannabis on your plants?

The presence of anthocyanins explains the presence of these colours in your plants. It is a natural dye found in the vacuoles of leaf and flower cells. Anthocyanins are found in your red marihuana plants, but also in blueberries, blackberries, cherries, grapes, cranberries and aubergines, for example.

There is no single type of anthocyanin. It is a flavonoid that is divided into several groups capable of producing color variations between red, pink, purple, blue and black cannabis.

red marihuana

It is also important to note that while genetics play an important role in the appearance of red or purple marihuana, growing conditions are also a decisive point in the production of these colours. Large temperature differences between day and night during the last weeks of flowering, with cooler temperatures at night, can enhance the appearance of purple colours.

Characteristics of red marijuana genetics

Almost all seed banks now offer red marihuana genetics. With the hybrid genetics available on the cannabis market, it will be possible to find Indica and Sativa plants, feminised, regular or autoflowering, capable of producing red cannabis flowers.

There are no specific flavours or effects for red marihuana. You can find Cookies, very earthy and sweet with almost black flowers, but also Kush with a fresh and fruity taste and very attractive red marihuana flowers.

Here is a selection of 5 genetics, which offer red flowers and are available in the Bulk Genetics cannabis seeds catalogue for the best quality and cheapest bulk seeds on the market!

Feel free to browse our catalogue, you will find many other genetics that can provide you with the most impressive harvests!

Selection of red cannabis strains

Discover now the selection of red marijuana strains that you can find in the Bulk Genetics catalogue. The best seeds in bulk at the best price!

Cherry Cookies

Cherry Cookies

Discover here one of the most popular Girl Scout Cookies hybrids of the moment. Cherry Cookies is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, two genetics that can show purple colours.

The buds are compact and appetising, with attractive purple and red colours that perfectly complement the thick layer of white resin produced by these genetics. The flavours are sweet with hints of biscuit and cherry.

Cherry Cookies is a great way to stay positive and relaxed, and is also ideal for maintaining concentration. A genetics that adapts to any time of the day.

Cherry Cookies genetics are a red marihuana hybrid with sweet flavours and full-bodied effects. A genetics that you can find in the Bulk Genetics feminized bulk seeds catalogue.

Purple Punch

red cannabis

Add a true American legend to your garden! Purple Punch is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that represents the meeting of Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple, two genetics capable of producing red cannabis flowers.

They are sure to be the most beautiful buds in your crop. The purple colour is predominant and blends perfectly with the small orange hairs and the thick layer of transparent resin.

With flavours of berries, blueberries and wild grapes, even the most discerning consumers will fall in love with its aroma. With potent effects, this is a great choice for adding red marihuana to your grow.

Red California Orange Fast Version

Red California Orange Fast Version

For growers who want feminised genetics, but the fastest possible harvest of red marihuana, the Red California Orange Fast Version will be the ideal candidate.

With buds the size of baseball bats, it delivers long, spectacularly coloured buds. On cooler nights, the buds can turn a deep red. A beautiful result at the end of flowering, with yellow leaves and a thick layer of cream coloured resin.

With its tangerine and orange flavours, drinking Red California Orange Fast Version offers a refreshing experience. The experience is balanced with both a physical and mental sensation.

Blueberry Auto

red cannabis

One of the most classic red cannabis strains available in autoflowering format.
For growers who want to experiment with a classic purple colour, Blueberry Auto is an excellent example of red marihuana.

With this faster autoflowering version, all growers can enjoy this classic red marihuana genetics. With its blueberry and sweet flavours, it is possible to enjoy a balanced sensation of cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation.

A classic of the Purple cannabis strains, Blueberry Auto is available in Bulk Genetics’ autoflowering bulk seed catalogue.

Red Berry CBD Auto

Red Berry CBD Auto

Finally, for growers who do not want to experience the psychoactive effects of cannabis but enjoy its multiple benefits, Red Berry CBD Auto is a CBD-rich autoflowering cannabis strain with very low THC levels.

Thanks to its autoflowering format, it adapts to all growing conditions, can be grown indoors or outdoors and can even be harvested several times during the season.

Consumers who need a stable CBD harvest and want to enjoy a red marihuana crop should consider growing Red Berry CBD Auto. To enjoy very sweet flavours with hints of berriesThe presence of cannabidiol in Red Berry CBD Auto adds an important part to the relaxing sensations offered by the presence of cannabidiol.

Hopefully this article has given you an understanding of where red cannabis comes from, how to encourage the appearance of purple buds and also how to choose the next Purple cannabis strain to add to your next grow. If you found this article interesting, don’t miss the article on the best purple marihuana strains.

See you soon!

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