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Purple Cannabis: Top 10 strains!

Growing potent and tasty marijuana plants is the goal of many growers, but there is another very important criterion for many marijuana gardeners. Purple cannabis strains have been around forever, but this type of Purple genetics is becoming more and more popular. In fact, it is becoming possible to find more and more crosses with this trait in the catalogues of cannabis seed banks.

At Bulk Genetics we introduce you to the characteristics of purple cannabis plants and explain how to encourage purple colours in the buds of your garden plants. Finally, we offer you a list of the best Purple cannabis plants available in the Bulk Genetics seed catalogue.

Why are some Cannabis Strain Purple ?

For a marijuana strain to have the purple characteristic, it will have to be written into its genetics. The purple colour results from the accumulation of anthocyanins, so for the Purple colour to develop during maturation, the genetics must have the genetically controlled metabolic potential to manufacture anthocyanins.

Purple Cannabis

The intense green of chlorophyll often masks the colour of secondary pigments. Therefore, for purple colours to appear, growing conditions will also have to allow for this, including cool temperatures during the night periods. The chlorophyll will begin to lose its colour at the end of the season to reveal the lilac colours present in the plant tissue.

Purple colours can appear on all parts of the cannabis plant. From the leaves, to the trunk and branches, but also in the buds, of course. Now there are a large number of purple cannabis strains, with a wide selection in the Bulk Genetics catalogue at the best price.

However, some genetics, even applying all the conditions that can favour the appearance of colours, will not be able to show colours other than the classic green of marijuana strains.

How can you encourage the appearance of purple colours in your cannabis plants?

To enhance the purple colours in purple cannabis strains, many professional growers recommend using a series of organic fertilisers. Rinsing the plants well and making sure the plant uses all the nitrogen in the soil will encourage purple colours in the plants. It is important to avoid adding nitrogen too late in the crop to ensure that the plant has time to use up all the nitrogen. Root flushing of the plants is crucial and can be done using root flushing solutions for cultivation.

Purple Bud

A large temperature difference between night and day is very important for the development of purple colours. A difference of 10 °C is more than enough. Thus, if temperatures are 25°C with the lamps on, try to reach 15°C with the lamps off. Note that all growing conditions must be well controlled to avoid problems. This will help to force the purple trait in varieties with this basic characteristic.

What are the effects of purple cannabis?

When a genetics offers both green and purple phenotypes, one can notice in most cases, that the purple cannabis phenotypes will be less potent. This is not always the case, and some purple marijuana genetics are particularly potent, as is the case with modern hybrids from the United States (Purple Punch, Girl Scout Cookies…).

What are the best purple cannabis strains?

Here we offer you a list of the best purple cannabis strains available in Bulk Genetics cannabis seeds catalogue. Purple feminized and autoflowering cannabis strains to have the most beautiful lilac colours in your garden, indoors or outdoors, at the best price in the market.

5 feminised purple cannabis strains

I’m sure you are at least familiar with some of the following photodependent purple cannabis strains you will see below, and no wonder, they are all productive, tasty and incredibly beautiful!

Mendocino Purple Kush

Mendocino Purple Bud

It represents the meeting of several American genetics. It is easy to grow and resists well the various problems that can arise during cannabis cultivation, both indoors and outdoors, which is why it is one of the best-selling feminized bulk seeds in our catalogue. The buds of Mendocino Purple Kush are large and very compact, covered with a thick layer of resin. The purple colours make Mendocino Purple Kush buds really irresistible.

New York Diesel

One of the best purple sativa marijuana strains available on the market, it is also very easy to grow and offers very high yields. The flavours of New York Diesel are easily recognisable, with hints of diesel for the uplifting and energetic effects typical of the best sativas.

Purple Kush

A classic purple cannabis strain. Easy to grow, it offers very relaxing effects, ideal for unwinding after a hard day. The sensations are very potent and are best consumed at night, with nothing planned afterwards. The harvest of Purple Kush is spectacular, with compact and extremely resinous buds that are also bulky and rock hard.

Purple Punch

Purple Bud of Purple Punch

A modern cannabis strain, very popular in the USA, which has been used in many crosses to provide the purple characteristic. Purple Punch is very easy to grow and hardy, and is equally at home outdoors. Harvest is fast and especially abundant.

Red California Orange Fast Version

Extremely fast, can be harvested in 50-55 days, and requires no special care. A carbon filter should be used. Indeed, the concentration of terpenes allows you to benefit from intense smelling buds. The Tangie heritage of the Red California Orange Fast Version comes through with sweet and fruity flavours accompanied by intense purple colours.

Purple Haze 

Perhaps the most popular Purple cannabis strain available in the Bulk Genetics catalogue at the best price. A classic in cannabis breeding, despite its Sativa heritage, Purple Haze offers fast flowering for very potent harvests that are suitable for any time of day.

5 autoflowering purple cannabis strains

If you are a lover of autoflowering bulk seeds and you like purple strains, don’t miss these 5 automatic marijuana strains.

Banana Purple Punch Auto

A modern genetic from the USA, combining Banana OG and Purple Punch. With exceptional vigour, it grows very fast and offers a particularly large yield for an autoflowering plant. Banana Purple Punch Auto retains a typical Indica size, producing compact and very tasty buds.

Banana Purple cannabis

Blueberry Auto

One of the most classic purple cannabis plants in autoflowering format so that all growers can grow it, available at the best price in the Bulk Genetics catalogue. Blueberry Auto is the result of DJ Short’s famous cross to obtain purple harvests of intense flavour.

Blue Kush Auto

A cross between a Blueberry and an OG Kush, Blue Kush Auto produces compact, bulky buds for very high yields. The effects are potent and mostly cerebral, with a surge of energy for happy and uplifting sensations.

Red Skunk Auto

Purple Bud

An autoflowering plant that remains compact and discreet, despite its intense purple colours. Red Skunk Auto is an indica dominant strain that can be enjoyed by both novice and experienced growers. The effects are energetic and creative, and provide a very relaxing sensation.

Red Cherry CBD Auto

Finally, for fans of CBD-rich marijuana strains who also want to enjoy beautiful purple colours in the garden, Red Cherry CBD Auto is a good choice. With THC concentrations of less than 0.5%, it offers no psychoactive effects. This doesn’t stop it from offering very smooth and sweet flavours. The consumer can enjoy berry, earthy and fresh flavours.

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