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autoflowering cannabis

Cannabis autoflowering

Autoflowering cannabis plants are very common in cannabis seed catalogs today, but do you know their origin? We reveal all about this genetic family and share some secrets with you to optimize your crops.

autoflowering cannabis

Different types of cannabis

Many types of cannabis and thousands of varieties of cannabis are available on the cannabis seed market today. The beginning grower may be somewhat overwhelmed when selecting the next cannabis strain to grow. Find here the description of the main cannabis types in order to discover what best matches your needs!

The best outdoor cannabis seeds

Do you want to find out which are the best outdoor marijuana seeds and where you can get them? Keep reading to find out. Outdoor marijuana Every outdoor grower is anxious for spring to arrive and start germinating his seeds. Indoors it can be grown all year round, but outdoors the season lasts a few […]

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